Saturday, September 13, 2014

September, Eureka

Here is a fun movie explaining the compass, and how it works!
Do the experiment at home if you would like! We will be making a different type of compass in class.

Watch this video to help you find direction in the world!

You Tube Compass

Christopher Columbus, and Navigation

Watch the clip and read the article if you would like.

Let's learn our directions! This is a fun song!
Come share any projects that you have made
Did you learn more about Antarctica?
Did you learn more about the world, continents and oceans?
Bring a project or something to share!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September, GEO CONQUEST Week

Hi everyone, time for some fun, with the world we live in!!
We will be studying Humility in the world around us!
Well, how can we understand Humility, if we don't know what it means?
The best way to understand a word, is to do a word study!
Monthly Word Study:
I would like to ask each of you to do a word study on the word "Humility"
(PARENTS NOTE: if you don't understand what a word study is or how to do it, please see Sister Gilbert, or your Vanguard Youths Tomes have an awesome handout!
We will do one word study per month, on the principle of the month, however you choose to do this as a family, is great! I would love to see the apprentice youth doing this monthly, as my desire is for apprentice kids to be doing just that apprenticing into core class. Word studies are a huge part of Vanguard, and the more they are familiar with them, the easier the children will transition into vanguard. As a side note from here on out, this will be a part of the Leadership Week inspirements.)
Work on Memorizing the poem and scripture of the month:
September Scripture and Poem
Scripture: Proverbs 22:4—By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honour and life.


 If you are too weak to journey
Up the mountain, steep and high,
You can stand within the valley
While the multitudes go by;
You can chant in happy measure
As they slowly pass along--
Though they may forget the singer,
They will not forget the song.

 Do not then stand idly waiting
For some greater work to do;
Fortune is a lazy goddess,
She will never come to you;
Go and toil in any vineyard,
Do not fear to do and dare.
If you want a field of labor
You can find it anywhere.
--Ellen M.H. Gates
We will be doing a month long memory project, each month, with the scripture and poem. If you would like to get a jump start on this project, you can begin my copying the scripture and the poem. Each needs to be copied on it's own separate piece of paper. Then each you will choose a way to decorate or make a visual for the memory piece. For this week, just start working on the copying.
(PARENTS NOTE: I will be explaining this project to the youth this week, and be bringing an example. Again from here on out this will be part of the Leadership Inspirements. Giving the children the entire month to do this.)
(PARENTS NOTE: Please print this map for each of your children who would like to participate in our map work.)
Please fill in the above map with the continents and oceans. Once you finish labeling the overview of the world, add any other landmarks or locations you would like to! Have fun, and work hard. You can also color it, or add stickers or whatever, to make it yours! We will take a moment to share these in class and then hang them up to show everyone!
We will be playing some fun geography type games and learning about Animals of the Arctic!

Then......the ultimate fun......
We will be having a CULTURAL FESTIVAL!!!
We will be celebrating the cultures of the world!!!
*Please prepare or bring a traditional food item from any culture in our world to share.
*Also have a place card of some type that says the name of the item, and a printout map (or a map from a book) to show where your dish is from!
We will have a taste of the world potluck!!!
(PARENTS NOTE: Please make sure that you do bring something to share for this potluck! You may bring one dish per family, or if individual children would like to bring dishes that's great too. This will not replace lunch, but be an added snack!! Remember if life hits you too hard, then go American and buy a food item made in America!! Also get with your Vanguard Core Youth and have them help you or just make a double batch of what they are doing!!!)
*If you would like to prepare a game, activity or craft from any culture, please let Sister Gilbert Know, ASAP.... as she will be planning some fun activities for our festival!
(PARENTS NOTE: Dig deeper, is for families or children who want more, these are just ideas that children might want to do for their project sharing time, or families might enjoy, to make Vanguard more of a Family Fun Activity! 
*Do an Animals of the Arctic Report, lapbook or prezi!
*Play this fun Antarctica game with your family or friends. Come to class and tell us how it went!
*Play this fun Penguin Math Game with your family or friends. Come to class and share!
*Prepare a presentation on Antarctica.
 *Make a fun snowflake craft, or grow crystals!
* Here are some fun arctic animal crafts
*Research a specific culture and come and share your findings with us!
*Prepare a display or poster size map of any culture to share and set up by our food for the cultural festival.
(PARENTS NOTE: Please remember all the above, except the cultural festival food, are only suggestions and ways that you can make Vanguard and Vanguard Jr. flow and work as a Family Vanguard in your home. Please DO NOT stress about any of the above items, they are all optional, and just ideas. This is also simply the icing on the cake so to speak!!!
My plans for Vanguard Jr. is to make it so as a Family you can be learning about the same subjects or similar subjects with all your children in your home. I took many of these ideas from both the schedule Brenda outlined and the Core Class Blog.
As a side note the Core Class Book this month is Alone Yet Not Alone, If you would like to work that into your families Read Aloud Times. The Core Class will be discussing this book for Imaginative Arts week- week 4. Just a simple idea that we do in our family is I read aloud to all my children during lunch time. This is a tradition we have been doing since my oldest children where 6 or 7.  I also have heard many families who do this in the evenings, as a wind down for the day activity. Remember that one of the reasons we do homeschool is for the memories, and these times will be such wonderful memories in years to come!