Monday, August 4, 2014

Expectations and Supply List

We would like to invite all families participating in the K2 Vangaurd to participate in K2 Vanguard Jr: an optional group offered to younger siblings during Vanguard Core Class. We would like to offer this group as a means to support the families of K2 Vanguard. Vanguard Jr, along with the Nursery is provided to give all our children opportunities to grow and learn in a group setting. We want this to be a loving and nurturing environment to all participating. We would also like to offer the same individualized and fun learning environment to all our children. We would love to see this group offer such a support for all!
Please read through the following expectations and supply list.
*If  a child is in Vanguard Jr. or Nursery, the parent must be present.

 We must have a strong support from all parents, in order for it to be the best it can be!
            Parents will either:
                        *Assist or Mentor in Core Class, for Vanguard, as scheduled.
                        *Assist in Vanguard Jr. or Nursery, as scheduled.
You as a parent will be mentoring, and/or assisting during Vanguards Core Class, Wednesdays from 9:30-2:00. 

*This group is a Weekly Group.
You need to commit to come and participate every week.
If you can not attend one week, please let Brenda Black or Melinda Gilbert know, as soon as possible. Please be aware your absence does affect the outcome of that Vanguard Jr. day. The sooner you are able to inform us, the easier it will be for our group as a whole.
*If you are unable to participate one week, you will also be in charge of  making sure your responsibilities are covered. If you have supplies, it is your responsibility to get it to someone in the group, or the church.

*This group will have a registration fee of $5 per child, ages 2 and older, per semester. This will help with the teaching supplies and activities. This will be evaluated at the beginning of each semester. This will be due August 23rd.

*You will need to provide a sack lunch for your child. You will need to have your child's lunch labeled and in a sack or lunch box. These will be placed in a designated area, until lunch break. Please have your children bring them in the mornings. Vanguard Jr's lunch time will not be the exact time as Vanguards Lunch time. It will also go longer for a recess/play time.
*You will need to provide 2 snacks for each of your children. We will have 2 snack times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These can be any snack your child would enjoy! Please speak to your children that these will be taken out only at snack time.

*You will provide a labeled water bottle for your child. There are no water fountains, however we have access to a water faucet. We can refill water bottles as needed. This can even be a plastic cup, labeled with your child's name.

*The child in the group needs to come ready to learn and have fun!
 If there are inspirements asked to be completed, it is the responsibility of the parent to have your children prepared. A child who is ready, will be more engaged and less of a distraction. However the inspirements do not have to be completed for children to attend Vanguard Jr. So please come if inspirements are not completed. Just try your best to have inspirements completed. The inspirements will be very minimal. If a child is consistently coming unprepared we will speak with their parent, and determine the best way to help that student and/or family.
*Parents are responsible for the behavior of their child in class. If a child is having a hard time participating respectfully they may be asked to stay with their parent until they are ready to engage respectfully. Continued problems may lead to a child being asked to not participate in Vanguard Jr.

*Children will not be allowed to wander around the building unsupervised. Not only does this compromise their safety and the care of the building, but this creates a distraction for other kids.
*All toys and non class items are welcome, if they are not a disruption. There will be a time for children to share items, and use them. Please advise your child to only bring them out of their backpacks during specified free times.  We do ask that items that can be dangerous, be used with care and caution. If a mentor feels something is being used in a dangerous way, it is the mentors choice to take that item away, and ask any child to not bring it again. This is only for the safety of the child or other children in the class.

Please make sure to label all your child's supplies with their name.
*Basic School Supplies
   * Ruler
   *Glue Stick
   *Box of Crayons
   * Watercolor's (paint)
   *a notebook, spiral bound or composition notebook.
   *a 2 pocket, 3 prong folder or 3 ring binder per child. This will be their mini tome!!
   *a clipboard.  
*a bag or backpack to keep all their supplies in
*a lunch box or bag, water bottle, and snacks as described above.